We digitalize processes and humanize services



Thanks to our technology all processes managing a fleet are digitalized.

Use of Big Data

Big Data helps us to optimize our work processes and to improve our results.

Cost reduction

We reduce operative and unproductive costs through process automation.

Process unification

We unify all the information, data and processes of our clientes in one place.

Document Digitalization

All the necessary vehicle documents will be available online for you.

Fresh People

A company is truly as great as its people are. In Baiback we are Fresh People and that is why Baiback is a Fresh Compnay :).

In good company

Baiback is a project created by Linea Directa Asistencia, a leading company in mobility and customer support services, and Dealerbest, a company specialized in the automotive industry offering consulting services within the distribution network and sales.

Our 4 B’s

Baiback DOC

We work side by side with you in the purchase stage, the registration and the document management of your vehicle fleet. Tell us more about your purchase policy and your current situation. Together we design a solution for you which makes you save money and time.

Baiback Audit

The classic buyback management. However, we make things far easier for you, saving you time and stress. ¿What would you think about having just one technical service inspection? ¿And how does essential time-saving sound to you? Or having the vehicle documents available online and in real time? We make it happen for you.

Baiback Stock

Your vehicle fleet turns into a used fleet. We want to help you to sell it and make money with it, as at the end this is all what matters.

Baiback Conect

This is our software tool where you can manage your fleet and your services at any time. The application is flexible and adaptable to your needs and provides you all the important information at one glance.

This is only a small glance of our services, we can offer you so much more.